Welcome to the Haverford Cross Country Team. If you are new to the sport, or you’re simply curious about running, we would like to extend a special welcome to you.

Haverford Cross-Country is an interscholastic sport held at the varsity level. It is not a running club. Athletes who want to improve and who are motivated are strongly encouraged to join. Lack of experience or natural talent is no reason not to join. A true commitment to the team and a goal of trying ones best in work outs and races is all that is required. You will find that Cross Country is a demanding sport both physically and mentally, but it is also deeply rewarding and uniquely empowering.

We compete in the Central League, also known as the CLC, and we aim to win the league. We also compete in larger Invitational races. At the end of the season the varsity competes in the PIAA District 1 Championships, running to qualify for the PIAA Pennsylvania State Cross Country Championships. We also aim to qualify for the state meet.

Our mission is multifaceted.

We aim to keep every athlete safe, first and foremost.

We aim to teach: you will learn about your body, you will learn anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. You will learn the rules, training methods, techniques, and strategies involved with our sport and you will learn the history of the sport. You will learn to be a good teammate, to collaborate and encourage others, to speak articulately and listen intently. You will learn to push yourself and your teammates. You will surprise yourself.

We aim to have fun. There is a socialization lesson in this. Because our sport is very demanding, some days might not seem immediately like ‘fun’. When we work, we work very hard. But there is deep satisfaction within the hard work of our sport and we find the right times to be silly, and laugh, and have loads of fun.

We run to win. Make no mistake: part of our goal as a team is to win championships, and winning championships takes every team member, not just the Varsity top seven. Everyone contributes, everyone helps in one way or another. We aim to be a championship team every year.

We must know and follow the rules, we must be responsible and knowledgeable. This website is an invaluable first step in that process. Visit the different pages. Read. Reflect. Join us!

Good luck this year! Go Fords!