Practice times are 2:45 to 5:00. All athletes are expected to be at practice unless the coach is notified. Schedule your activities so that this time block is free. When returning after a missed practice a signed note is required stating the reason for the absence. Any unexcused absence can result in dismissal from the team. Leaving early for a job is considered to be an unexcused absence.

Running with any electronic head gear that impairs your hearing is not permitted. This is something that you should never use as a runner especially when running on sidewalks, roads, or in parks. The ability to hear what is around you, and more importantly behind you, is a safety issue of the utmost importance.

Training on roads: All runners should be running the “loop” as described by Coach Clinton or Coach Green. Runners should also be running with a least one teammate. Runners are to check in with a coach before they leave a workout.

Meets: All runners can race in team scrimmages and all Central League dual meets. In major meets (Invitations and Championships) all runners can compete with the exception of the Paul Short Invitation and the District 1 Championships.

Transportation: If a school district bus is provided you are to take it to and from a meet. If your parent wants to pick you up you must discuss this with your coach. If a parent wishes to drive another student home the coach must be informed at least one day in advance.

Uniforms: After your last meet all uniforms should be turned in before the team banquet to Coach Clinton, Coach Green, or Mrs. Patterson.

Paperwork: All school forms are to be handed in when preseason practice begins. These forms can be found HERE

Summer Training Logs: Summer training information will be given out at the end of the school year for underclassmen. Feedback to the coaches will be via online training logs. If one returns in poor shape and performs poorly in the first scrimmage they will most likely be dropped from the team.

Team Letters: JV and Varsity letters will be presented at the team banquet.

JV Letter requirements: Attend all practices. Compete in 5 dual meets, including scrimmages, and 2 major meets (Invitations & Championships).

Varsity Letter requirements: (1) Miss no more that 2 days of preseason practice. (Preseason starts in mid- August.  (2) Compete in 5 dual meets and 4 major meets. (3) The top 14 runners on boys and girls teams will receive varsity letters. As our top 14 will undoubtedly change through the season, it’s likely the number will increase slightly to accommodate those who are ‘on the bubble’.  

A senior with at least three full seasons of Cross-Country will receive a varsity letter.

Behavior: We treat everyone with respect and courtesy. There are no exceptions. We compete very hard, in practice and especially at our meets. We run to win. But before and after the race, and at practice every day, we exhibit the utmost respect and sportsmanship.  We encourage teammates. We communicate clearly. We run fast. We have fun.