Final lineup (distance runners) for Upper Darby Relays


4 x 800 (a) – Paula, Rachel, Ava, Lauren

4 x 800 (b) – Emma, Madeleine, Emily G., Liz

4 x 1600 – Paula, Emma, Madeleine, and one more from list above


4 x 800 (a) – Evan, Erik, Andrew, Caleb

4 x 800 (b) – Will, Ryan Bates, Ryan Murray, Jason

4 x 400 (a) – Erik

4 x 1600 – Brendan, Mike, Josh, Aiden


a) Ryan Murray – I have a uniform for you. b) Coach Hunter needs someone to run the 800 leg on the Sprint Medley Relay.  My two most likely candidates are Evan or Caleb, but we will discuss it.